My Poem Published in Young Ravens Issue 17!

YAY! What a lovely way to exit 2022! My cento, A Not Admitting of the Wound, published in issue 17 of Young Ravens Literary Review.


Young Ravens Literary Review, Issue 17 Winter 2022
Young Ravens Literary Review, Issue 17

A Not Admitting of the Wound consists of 47 lines taken verbatim from 26 poems written by 19 female poets!


Thank you so much to Young Ravens editors Sarah Page and Elizabeth Pinborough for publishing my poem and for this beautiful issue: Exploring and Celebrating Womanhood. Thrilled to be included!



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My poem, A Not Admitting of the Wound, Accepted for Publication!

Thrilled to have my cento, A Not Admitting of the Wound, accepted for publication in the next issue of Young Ravens Literary Review!


Young Ravens Literary Review
Young Ravens Literary Review

A Not Admitting of the Wound consists of 47 lines taken verbatim from 26 poems written by 19 female poets!

Many hours piecing this poem together—a labour of love, for sure.

I’ll post when it’s published. YAY!




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Free Writing Resource for Tracking Submissions

Hey Writerly Friends,

Here’s a handy resource I created for tracking submissions. I’ve used it for several years, and recently shared it with a writing friend. She loved it (thank you, Yolande!) and said she hadn’t seen anything like it before.

Since I have gratefully received so many helpful tips and resources over the years, I thought this would be a good opportunity to give a little back. And so,  here it is for download. Hope you find it useful.

Submissions Template Img
submissions tracking spreadsheet thumbnail


  1. I added a few of my older submissions as examples in the template. Delete and carry on!
  2. I like to highlight submissions that are NOT currently in circulation for easy reference. #INeedAttention!
  3. There are several columns with the header “Personal Notes from Editors” (sounds important, right?), but the notes I put in these columns also includes invites to submit more, and any noteworthy comments received with the rejection. Feel free to name it whatever suits your needs. I have considered renaming it, “Confidence Booster.” #WeAllNeedStrokes

Happy Writing Happy Submitting

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My contributor copies of The Fiddlehead arrived!


The Fiddlehead's Summer CNF Issue CONTENT
“Invisible Walls” in The Fiddlehead.

Yippee! My contributor copies of The Fiddlehead’s creative non-fiction issue arrived! An incredible honour to have my essay included alongside these stellar writers in this highly regarded journal!

“Invisible Walls” is an experimental piece I wrote in 2018. When I read Nicole Breit’s example of the sticky note form, the hairs on the back of neck sprung to attention. I’d found the perfect container for a story that had haunted me for four decades. Small town, young love, invincible teens. An accident that changed all of our lives forever.

The Fiddlehead's Summer CNF Issue FRONT COVER
The Fiddlehead Summer 2022.

My heartfelt thanks to Rowan McCandless for assistance in polishing this essay and for believing in me, The Fiddlehead for accommodating this piece, Nicole Breit for introducing me to this form, and to the many lovely women who helped me revised and polish this essay: Kimberly Peterson, Yolande House, and Writerly Love workshoppers Lina Lau, Dawn Hurley-Chapman, Jessica Waite, Jeanne Koré Salvato. Thank you all! (My apologies if I’ve forgotten anyone.)

You may purchase this issue here.



Excerpt & Fun Blurb in The Fiddlehead’s Newsletter!

The Fiddlehead Summer Issue 292
Buy your copy of The Fiddlehead’s Summer CNF issue here.

Lots of great news included in this issue of The Frond, The Fiddlehead’s Quarterly Newsletter,  including details of the highly anticipated Summer ALL CNF Issue, edited by award-winning author, Rowan McCandless!

Included in the newsletter is my response to The Fiddlehead’s question, “Who would play the screen version of you in the biopic of your life?” as well as a link to an except of my decentred hermit crab sticky note essay, “Invisible Walls.”

Super stoked and honoured to have my experimental essay published alongside such highly regarded writers.

I cannot wait to receive my copy! Yippee!


The Fiddlehead Summer Issue Coming Soon!

Thrilled that my experimental sticky note essay, “Invisible Walls,” will be in this issue of The Fiddlehead!

Pre-Order the Summer Creative Nonfiction Issue Now!

The Fiddlehead Summer Issue 292
The Fiddlehead Summer Issue 292

This year’s highly anticipated Creative Nonfiction issue of The Fiddlehead is now available for pre-order!

The issue, edited by Rowan McCandless, is dedicated to Creative Nonfiction and features exceptional work from authors such as Fiona Tinwei Lam, Megan Cole, Sena Moon, Tanis MacDonald, Isabella Wang and many more! <– Including me! Yippee!

Pre-orders will be in the mail by the end of July. Don’t miss your chance to reserve a copy today!


News & Updates

Stack of Papers
I have two significant updates I would like to share with everyone.


1. My experimental essay, “Invisible Walls,” has been accepted by The Fiddlehead: Atlantic Canada’s International Literary Journal and will be published in their summer 2022 creative nonfiction issue. YIPPEE! Huge thank you to The Fiddlehead’s creative nonfiction editor, Rowan McCandless.


2. I just received notification that another of my experimental essays, “Wildfire Season,” has been long-listed, along with twenty other writers, in the Federation of British Columbia Writers Creative Nonfiction Contest! YIPPEE!  CONGRATULATIONS Everyone! 


Huge thank you to my family and writing community for their unfailing support and invaluable feedback on these essays. And special thank you to Nicole Breit for introducing me to these fascinating forms.



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